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Our Code of Ethics

By listing our ethical codes, we aim to make clear what you can expect from us as essential and honourable standards across the two core mediums of our professional practice, 1:1 Pure Coaching services and the ethical codes built into all our online coaching programmes and consultancy services.

Our ethical codes include, but are not limited to the following standards:

  • To make sure our code of ethics are available for all of our clients to review and understand. If you have any queries please contact us directly through our Contact Us form or at with subject ‘Ethics’.

  • Openly communicate our qualifications, experience and professional status.

  • Clearly outline our general points of coachee-contracting.

Coachee-contracting in general covers but is not limited to:

        • Our fees, appointment management and duration of engagements

        • Matters of confidentiality

        • What our clients can expect from us as coaches, what we expect from our clients

        • We treat all our clients with respect, sensitivity and openness.

For Pure Coaching services and Self-mastery coaching programmes, coachee contracting is outlined in a link below, and again at payment-registration for each respective Service, coachee-contracting is also re-iterated within your first sessions and modules respectively. In the case of multiple-booking-requests for one organisation, coachee-contracting is agreed in general by separate agreement and again reiterated individually with each coachee upon their first session.

  • We always act in the best interest of our clients.

  • We practice empathy and compassion, and we are also direct and open in challenging our clients.

  • We maintain our own wellbeing, welfare and self care as coaches as an important first step in ensuring the same for all our clients.

  • We work to establish and maintain high quality relationships with our clients.

  • We aim to ensure our clients have a clear understanding and realistic expectation of what we can achieve together. If at any point our client’s understanding or expectations of coaching appear unclear, we will explain the limitations.

  • We preserve our client's autonomy, thus any decisions our clients choose to make are their own.

  • We practice unconditional, non-judgemental positive regard with our clients and build this into our online-solutions functional intelligence where feasible.

  • We continue to commit to our ongoing professional development and the growth of our learning and knowledge.

  • Our coaches work within the scope of their competence. If a coach is unable to continue their work directly with a 1:1 client, we will be transparent and provide a referral on to another professional coach, either within our team or independently, depending on the preference of our client.

  • If for any reason there is an external interference with our coaches affecting their ability to practice 1:1, we will limit, pause or suspend these coaches' 1:1 activity and offer the option of referall to another professional coach within our team or an independent body, depending on the preference of our client.

  • We engage in regular supervision to ensure the highest standard of coaching professionalism.

Coaching Supervision is a form of professional coaching development that our coaches periodically utilise through an independent supervisory-coach; the aim is to create space to collaborate, learn and reflect on our coaching experiences, benefitting both us as the coach to ensuring we are sharp in our practice, and you as the client where our commitment to improve may continue in helping you to grow and excel.

  • We maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality. Information may only be released in exceptional circumstances where:

        • We are legally obliged to do so by law

        • There is imminent or likely risk of danger

        • There is significant risk to our client, another person or body

        • We are being professionally supervised

Clients will have the opportunity to agree voluntarily and knowingly to these limits of confidentiality, clients understand and accept that if any of the above are applicable it is in their best interests that we may be professionally obligated to share confidential information.

  • Client data records are stored securely, please see our Privacy Policy for further detail.

  • Aspects of coaching sessions may be included in training reviews whereby the client and associated data are anonymised, this is to support the ongoing training and development of our coaches and our solutions.

We respect our client’s right to cease their engagement with us at any point and understand that our professional responsibilities continue after the termination of our professional relationship, this includes but is not limited to:

        • The continuance of client confidentiality

        • The continued secure storage of confidential information, please see our Website Terms and Privacy Policy for further details.

  • We will always work with professional liability insurance.

  • As coaches we aim to be conscious of any conflict or potential conflict of interest, and will openly review and discuss these points to an agreed resolution with clients where relevant and applicable.