"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R Tolkien 

As fingerprints imprint your touch and footprints the path you tread, your life impresses its
energy on the world leaving its unique markers, be mindful and conscious in the energy you present.

What does lifeprint mean? digital coaching solutions are underpinned by our unique coaching approach (FIT Model), our Vision, Mission and Philosophy.  

The term lifeprint is specific to both our philosophy and approach.

We use lifeprint as a term to refer to the unique energy impressions of your personal-attributes both internally driving you and emitted outwards by you, imprinting into your environment and onto those around you.  These energy impressions, positive or negative are legacy markers for who you are in that unique instance of time. 

The lifeprint FIT Model captures your personal-attributes as a collective snapshot of relevant self-mastery, wellbeing and optimal-functioning metrics unique to you across your 5-core life-domains.  Multiple snapshots can be used as benchmarks to measure individual progression and personal-growth over time. solutions are focused on your self-mastery of personal-attributes and ultimately your life, environments and energies through proactive focus, inquiry and transformation.

The FIT in refers to the three key phases in our coaching approach for you to:


The 5-core life-domains are critical areas of your life relevant to your self-mastery, wellbeing, and optimal-functioning, including multiple subdomains within them.  The 5-core life-domains are:


Own your past, present and future, impress positive energy throughout...

In summary, your lifeprint is your unique snapshot of specific self-mastery, wellbeing and optimal-functioning metrics, captured as a collective benchmark across your 5-core life-domains at any one point in time.

"To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest." Mahatma Gandhi

With such conscious cognition, you can then begin to re-align your personal-attributes to those which best serve you in pursuit of your authentic life goals, regaining ownership of your past, present and future life-narratives.

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