Next generation coaching for individuals and teams

Who are we?

We're a start-up and group of Positive Psychologists, Coaching Psychologists and Technologists. We specialise in self-mastery,  wellbeing, and optimal-functioning coaching solutions for personal growth, personal development and peak-performance.

What are we building?

We're building a digital AI self-mastery coach, platform and app.  Delivering interactive wellbeing and optimal-functioning assessment tools and content; addressing specific challenges for individuals and business across the five critical domains of life.

Data-driven coaching solutions addressing critical challenges to personal development and business productivity.

Digital AI Coaches accelerating Coaching Return on Investment (CROI)

 Personal Coaching Programs

Business | Coaching | Consultancy

Drawing on key principles from Positive Psychology, Coaching Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Neural Behavioural Modelling, Epigenetics and the core tenets of western and eastern philosophies.

Bridging the gaps between self-help, science and coaching

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Self-Mastery coaching programs 

Digital AI coach

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 Data-driven | user-centric

User-bespoke programs  |   FIT Model  |  Evidence based interventions and tools

Digital coach in your pocket 24/7