"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

Ryunosuke Satoro

"If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path." Buddha

Who we serve

We serve all individuals and organisations who share a simple common principle for:

'An ongoing commitment to proactive personal growth in pursuit of life-excellence, wellbeing self-mastery and peak-performance.'

We work with:

    • Individuals and teams

    • Business

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Athletes

    • Non-Profit Organisations

We have a dedicated team of Coaching Psychologists covering peak-performance within specialist sectors, including but not limited to:

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Corporate Leadership

    • Professional Sports

    • Cryptocurrency Trading, FX & Equities Trading

Are you Ready?

Open and honest self-examination is critical to both self-mastery and effective personal growth. For you or your organisation to achieve your desired results it's imperative you fully commit to yourself and to your personal-growth process.

We all posess the right answers within us, all we need to do is ask the right questions of ourselves...

lifeprint.fit consultancy and coaching solutions guide you through this process, helping you unravel deep aspects of self to activate your true-authentic-self and the optimal performer within you, your super-authentic-self.

Are you ready for and seeking dynamic transformation? Take the R2T and find out...

We work with

  • Individuals and/or groups & teams beginning their coaching journey, with a strong commitment and motivation for proactive change and dynamic personal growth, who are committed to pursuing their own life-excellence and self-mastery. We help you take the first steps, to Focus, Inquire and to Transform your unique life-challenges from overwhelm into balanced growth and improved wellbeing across life domains.

  • Professionals, including entrepreneurs and C-level corporate executives, consultants & management, or professional and semi-professional sportspeople seeking to address specific vocational challenges, reach new levels of peak-performance, and enhance work-life-balance. We support you transform your vocational-fatigue into enhanced wellbeing and sustainable peak-performance.

  • Traders, including Cryptocurrency, FX and Equities traders seeking deeper insight into the personal attributes, psychological and physiological variables affecting their decision-making and performance levels. We help you focus, identify, understand and improve the key-factors impacting your inner-game, your levels of peak-performance and ultimately your ongoing wellbeing.

Take our Ready 2 Transform Quiz (R2T) to assess how ready you are for dynamic personal change.