FIT Model


"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them."

Albert Einstein

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals."  Henry Ford

Introduction to FIT

All individuals have an independent choice in how to think, behave and act in every moment of their lives, few of us currently possess the perspective and self-mastery to do so in a way that's consistently aligned to our highest versions of self.  Using the FIT Model we offer the structure to support this process.


Our goal is to help you refine your Focus to expand perspectives not previously considered or explored. We work with you to help you unlock your personal-truths through focused exploration across your 5-core-life-domains of:


Benchmark yourself across your 5-core life-domains and drive focus into your most authentic and meaningful goals to empower positive, proactive, and persistent action towards radical-personal-growth and self-mastery.


Relationships exist within an individual’s personal-attributes between their beliefs, values, biases, experiences and purpose, impacting their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and habits, goals and your currently unique-life-paradigm. 

Inquire into aspects of your personal-attributes to identify those impacting your success. We guide inquiry into these unique relationships, helping you expand your self-awareness so meaningful, authentic, positive transformation can be conceived for action.


Whilst most individuals desire meaningful transformation in their lives, few persistently pursue the self-exploration needed to challenge and empower their personal-attributes and unique-life-paradigm to achieve it. 

Transform by empowering independent, authentic, meaningful and sustained positive change in your life and professional fields of focus. The Transform phase helps you maximise your personal impact across the 5-core-domains of your life, supporting you in optimising wellbeing, your personal attributes and re-defining your own unique-life-paradigm in the process.

FIT Model and Self-Mastery

We encourage clients to take time out to absorb and assimilate their new perspectives between each of the three steps of the FIT Model. Periods of introspection and self-reflection are a critical requirement during modules.


Working in tandem with dedicated online coaching tools the system encompasses a series of modules to benchmark your critical personal attributes across the five life-domains, identifying different aspects of self for deeper inquiry, helping you identify authentic life goals and the subsequent areas of critical urgency and priority for performance improvement.


You are encouraged to consciously challenge and validate personal attributes and goals through proactive investigation, increasing self-awareness to attain more detached, objective personal-perspectives. You empower deep-inquiry through periods of self-reflection and conscious re-framing.


You receive analysis of your benchmark measures captured in the Focus and Inquire phases. Your unique results guide a tailored Action-Transform Plan unique to you, including a series of scientifically backed and evidence-based interventions, tools and techniques for radical personal-growth and Self-Mastery.

FIT Model and Pure Coaching


The professional coaching practice provides you with a structured process of discovery, where we listen, observe and contribute searching questions to help you establish where you are right now and where you want to be based on your priorities of Focus. We help you explore, define , challenge and validate goals meaningful to your areas of priority focus.


Using deep Inquiry we help you explore your opportunities for action, refining clarity and building new levels of self-awareness for the potential choices available. We work with you to manage expectations and to help you establish initial quick wins relevant to your goals, instilling confidence through achievable results. 


We support you to validate and Transform your defined goals into executable actions, where relevant over the short, mid and long term, helping you define and agree measures of personal accountability for achieving your desired results. Your results are directly correlated to the commitment and intentions you apply to your prioritised goals and necessary actions.