"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R Tolkien

Just as fingerprints mark your touch and footprints the path you tread, your life imprints its
energies on all you encounter leaving unqiue impressions of your life being lived...

Learn how to own your past, present and future lifeprints

What does lifeprint mean?

The energies we impress into our lives, environments and on those around leave the legacy for who we are on all those we're in contact with for that duration of time. The collective term we use to represent these individual impressions, when captured as a snapshot benchmark of an individuals 5-core life-domains at a specific point in time, is a lifeprint. lifeprint benchmarks capture specific Self-Mastery & Wellbeing metrics, they act as both benchmarks and measurement milestones to support radical personal-growth. We use them within Wellbeing Consultancy, Self-Mastery programmes and our coaching solutions.

By improving our understanding of why we are who we are at our core (our true authentic-self), relfection triggers self-awareness, promoting rationalisation between unconscious, subconscious and conscious thought processes. We thus empower proactive conscious choice, a fundamental cog in the wheel to the cognitive-continuum, which graphically demonstrates the multidimensional relationships between conscious thought, emotion, experience and behavioural actions.

With positive conscious intention to expand self-awareness, we may begin mastery of our thought process on a proactive rather than a reactive level. Mastering cogntive-thought can directly impact how we choose to perceive the world around us, rather than just perceiving it based on our life to date without proactive autonomous intervention. By consciously choosing the personal-attributes and behaviours which best serve us in pursuit of authentic life goals, we begin to empower ownership of our past, present and future.

  • Step one involves a proactive choice to expand your self-awareness across your three *conscious-minds.

  • Step two is proactive benchmarking of who you are right now, and subsequent definition of your true-authentic-self.

  • Step three is positive, proactive, persistent pursuit of self-mastery, personal-growth and goals of the super-authentic-self.

What is life-challenge?

life-challenge highlights any imbalances we experience in our lives between the actions we take and our core-Being, i.e. who we really are as our true-authentic-self.

  • Personal-attributes are made up of thoughts, beliefs, values, biases, emotions, perceived experiences, and are affected by the people and environments we surround ourselves with.

Such imbalances are experienced when our *three levels of conscious-mind: i.) our unconscious-mind (the buried mind), ii.) our subconscious-mind (the floating mind), and iii.) our conscious-mind (the present mind) are in misalignment.

Continued misalignment of conscious-minds cause significant disruption to our lives over time, manifested in actions taken and emotional turmoil experienced, often being so subtle we're unaware or so immense we deny and push down the feelings we experience.

life-challenge can involve feelings of overwhelm, immense stress, not-good-enough, failure, anger, lost, discontent, frustrated, sad and unfulfilled, lacking meaning and/or purpose in life across one or all of the five-core life-domains:


"To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest." Mahatma Gandhi

Personal attributes and Life-challenge

Personal-attributes such as beliefs or values are most often subconsciously acquired from parents, teachers, coaches, mass media, people and/or institutions who reside in positions of authority. These in turn directly impact the filters developed and used to perceive the life being lived. These filters acquired by default are not proactively overwritten until that time where sufficient self-awareness attained for autonomous action to be initiated.

In order to derive and proactively choose the filters in which we want to experience life, we must therefore become self-aware. Then we can truly begin to understand what having independent thought, emotinoal response, behaviour and experiences might look and really feel like to become conscious creators of our lives.

If influences on our personal attributes which diagree with our authentic-self go unchallenged they begin to affect our inner-being through the emergence of disruptive biases, misaligned beliefs, values and emotional-responses. The results of which, can negatively impact fulfilment and levels of growth across life domains without proactive conscious choice, this is all our ongoing life-challenge.

Everyday life

Subsequently, life-challenge has the potential to disrupt personal attributes through a persons unrealistic expectations for their performance outcomes. This is relevant in an individuals’ everyday life-domains where feelings of being trapped, stagnation and not fulfilling one's full potential emerge, we may be ill at ease with our daily tasks and activities, feeling we are contradicting ourselves by going against the grain of what should be our right actions. And/or we may seemingly be attracting negative relationships into our lives, unnecessarily enhancing the negative feelings of insecurity and fear.


The imbalance of expectations to performance outcomes is pronounced in life-domains where peak-performance is demanded on a persistent basis, without the right approach and mental conditioning the stress and strain for high performance outcomes can overwhelm.

Such disruption to our inner-mental-game can cause feelings of stagnation, being stuck in a rut, or feeling helpless and lost in those specific pursuits. Sustained feelings of this nature contribute to immense stress, anxiety and frustration, deepening imbalance as stress responses impact physiological markers, both perpetuating the other in negative cause and effect, in some severe instances leading to depression and mental ill-health.

With the right approach and support these imbalances can be identified through specific measurement tools and honest self-examination and exploration, our aim is to disrupt such perpetual negative cycles with proactive development of new positive mindsets and cognitive strategies. We aim to provide you with the support structures and knowledge frameworks to enable you to detach and put into perspective all aspects of your goal-pursuits.

Liberating the Mind

We must liberate our minds to independently define and validate the personal-attributes which serve us best without external bias. Once we have the clarity required to accept our greatest weakness and confront our deepest fears, mastering the emotional mindset and serving the highest self is more fully attainable.

Our principles for lifeprint.fit are based in our Approach and Philosophy with the understanding that, whilst specific Focus on ones’ strengths is paramount to positive performance; to achieve true growth and sustainable fulfilment across multiple life domains, a deeper self Inquiry embracing our greatest challenges and root cause weakness is essential.

'For within challenge and weakness lie some of our deepest fears to overcome and our greatest strengths to realise.'

Only then can we identify all aspects of the self with honest acceptance, to align and Transform our personal attributes towards the attainment of our highest selves across life domains, enhancing performance and achieving greater life-balance in the process.

'Much of one's greatest growth can be discovered in response to ones greatest challenge...

identify, accept and confront weakness as the ongoing life-challenge to overcome and you will surely flourish.'

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